Mississauga, Ontario

Our Mission

Meadowvale Business Association is a registered non-profit organization that serves the greater Meadowvale Area and was founded on October 10, 2023

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Building Meadowvale Community

At MBA, businesses in Meadowvale are invited to join our collaborative Build initiative, emphasizing the power of unity to foster growth and prosperity. This effort encourages businesses to support local causes, share expertise, and contribute to the well-being of Meadowvale. By coming together, we believe that unity is the key to building a brighter future for our community, showcasing the remarkable impact of collective action.

Engage with Meadowvale Leaders

The Meadowvale Business Association offers a unique opportunity to connect with local leaders shaping our thriving business landscape. Engage in meaningful discussions, share innovative ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that fuel growth and prosperity. Here, you have the chance to learn, influence, and inspire, contributing to the future of Meadowvale and beyond.

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Connecting Businesses in Meadowvale

Meadowvale businesses are invited to join the Connect initiative at MBA, a dynamic association fostering unity and collaboration. This vibrant community values collective efforts and the rich tapestry of diversity. By becoming part of this network, your business can access shared resources and support, contributing to local well-being and prosperity. Together, we aim to shape a brighter future for Meadowvale, believing that unity among businesses is the key to our community’s strength and success.